Crafted from the heart with ethically and sustainably sourced, organic cotton and wool, this hand-knit magical unicorn is part nostalgia, part pretty dang perfect! 

Organic Hand-knit Stuffed Unicorn

  • Savannah Taylor's connection to the earth, deep Puerto Rican roots and passion for crafting sustainably sourced, purposeful wearables, edibles, and usables led her to start Savage Rose Crafting.  The ethical responsibility of humans to leave the planet better than we found it is an important guiding principle in the design, crafting, and distribution of each product lovingly produced by Savage Rose Crafting. 

    We really like that the business is truly a labor of family love. They never produce more of a product than they can ethically and sustainably source. Everything is crafted by their hands, with their hearts, and for you.