Yoga shorts for men, "Ninja Shorts"
Luminous video model Max is 6’2” wearing medium Ninja Shorts.
Men's Organic Eco-friendly yoga shorts come with Deep Pockets,Draw String and Elastic Waistband.
5% Spandex for stretch while working out, terry soft terry cotton inside.
Colors: Olive, Black, White
Fabric Content
95% Organically grown cotton, 5% spandex
Ethically made men's yoga shorts using sustainable organic cotton, made in Los Angeles,California,USA.
Luminous Being

Men's Yoga Ninja Shorts Organic Eco-Friendly

SKU: 6cb890be
  • Luminous Being Eco Luxury Yoga Wear Using organic, and sustainable textiles to help support our planet, and all its inhabitants, with less chemical toxins and sustainability. Making a better healthy life, for all of us and Mother Earth.

    Our mission of ethical and sustainable production supports the conditions, for us and nature to co-exist in harmony together. Manufacturing our apparel locally in Los Angeles helps to lower the footprint on our environment, supporting our local economies, increasing fair wages while building beautiful relationships with the people who make our apparel personally. We do know and love them personally.

    Star the founder and designer with her mother Alva, hand dye the Yantra Collection personally at her mother sanctuary in Carmel Valley, while playing mantras for protection, prosperity and success. Mantras, sacred geometry, harmony, yoga, love, and light. creating love and support for others, animals, and our earth.

    Luminous Being loves to give back 2%. These are some of our favorite charities we love: Drop in the Bucket, SPCA, Humane Farming Association, Save Our Environment, Sea Shepard, elephant sanctuary.